Open-Mic Spoken Word Night


We had a great night at the Pop Up Essex Writers House at Metal last week.  Huge thanks to everyone who came and supported us, we couldn’t do these nights without your support and encouragement, to Metal and the Essex Book Festival for the funding, to all our artists who were just fantastic – the standard was of such high quality but then to be honest, we knew that when we booked these great, great people.  Thanks to Metal staff, for inviting us to be involved and for the opportunity.  It felt great to showcase some talent from the Sundown past and present!  Our next event will be one of our much missed ‘Open mic Spoken Word evenings’ where YOU – the writer at home – gets to share something you’ve written with us.  Be it a poem, a monologue, a piece of prose, anything at all, if you’d like to have a go at performing live then please do come along.  We can only give 5-8 minutes of stage time due to the amount of people that we need to get through on the night.  However if anyone doesn’t show up or we end up having more time, then there’s a chance you might get to read again – but no promises!  Just turn up on time, sign up on the door and we’ll read your name out as and when.

We WILL start playing music once your time is up (Academy Awards style) just like they do at professional SLAM poetry nights across the UK.  This is a fun, light-hearted way of keeping the night running on time and giving everyone the same, fair amount of time.


7:30PM – 10:30PM

£3 entry Cash Bar

We look forward to seeing you & hearing you there!

Thanks to Focal Point staff x