Sundown / Shangri La @ The Railway Hotel, 16th Nov


We will be collaborating with the brilliant Shangri La for a special event @ The Railway Hotel Pub, Southend, on Thurs, 16th November 2017. As well as live literature in the form of Billericay’s finest and funniest; Simon Blackman, we’ll also have the stunning words of Grays’ own Sammy Crooks.  Live music for the night is going to be AMAZING and you will not SHOULD not miss this: Helen McCookerybook of former 70s/80s indie punk band The Chefs, now a fantastic singer/songwriter still writing and performing great music with sublime lyrics.  Big fans of the McCook!  The Diamond Family Archive, an experimental two-piece from Totnes who we’ve come to adopt as our own in this here, humble seaside town.  Every time one is lucky enough to see the DFA live, they are once again emotionally and physically charged by their music and live performance.  Tumbledryer Babies are pretty much, by now, a cult local pithy ‘pop’ outfit writing charming music with that old school DIY ethos.  Brilliant songs, brilliant writing.  BBC6 called the ‘Babies a “prolific, lo-fi genius”.  Turn up and be eternally thankful that the Tumbledryer Babies are a huge part of the Southend music scene.  Lance & Tom Cusack; our Shangri La‘ers no less, but also a pair of ace singer/songwriters who can wield a guitar in melancholy fashion.  The brothers of Cusack have great chemistry on and offstage, their songs are classics, their writing real and Sundown loves ’em.  Finally, the Sundown Poets will almost certainly share an ode or two.  We’ll be celebrating our 14th birthday!!  14 years of Sundown man.  Our glorious venue the Railway Hotel Pub, just recently celebrated their 10th birthday as did Shangri La as it of course began its life here.  We used to put on our early Sundown’s at the Railway, way back when it was just a spare room above a pub, and not the brilliant music and arts institution it is today.  We feel proud and happy to celebrate our longevity with important collectives such as Shangri La and the people who run and rock the Railway.  Oh hey, this event will be FREE too but we will ask for a grateful whip-round for all the artists involved on the night as they are simply giving their time for travel reimbursement or just for free.  In a world that seems to give less and less to its artistic contributors, your amazing generosity on the night will mean massive amounts to all involved and we won’t forget it.  See you there Sundowners!