The Year of the New

This is a bit of a belated Happy New Year from Sundown Arts to you, our loyal followers and supporters.  I think parts of 2016 we’d like to forget right?  We want 2017 to be a year of difference, a year of hope, a year of getting back some perspective and love.  Let’s hope that happens.  Here at Sundown we are learning more and more how important it is for us to spend time and energy on the events we really want to do.  Our biggest obstacle is having no funding.  For those who know, you’ll be nodding sagely right now, for those who don’t – writing a funding application is pretty heavy.  It’s emotional, it’s daunting, it’s confusing at times, it can become frustrating, it takes up a lot of time.  Then there’s the waiting, the self doubt, the worry, what do you do if you don’t get the funding?  Will you still put the event on?  How can you?  Then the branded envelope drops through the letterbox and it’s school exam results all over again.  If you’re lucky enough to have been awarded your grant then you do a little dance on your own in your lounge, you ring the first person who springs to mind to share it with, then the excitement, then the worry, the finances, the admin, the time.  You see, it’s a rollercoaster of an experience.  We have LOVED having funding, it teaches us something new each time it happens and we are always grateful to the Arts Council.  They have done so much for us and allowed us to grow, learn and they had faith in us, which means the world when you’re just a little grassroots organisation by the sea.  We would like to apply again one day for funding but we’d have to prepare for it, put time aside, make sure we were ready.  But at the moment we’re not ready.  We’re back to the days of putting events on for the fun, sure, hell yes, but also to try and raise money for the next Sundown, to help sustain Sundown.  We couldn’t do that without you.

We’d like to put on a storytelling event in the style of the famed MOTH nights (  We’re not sure when but it’s something we’d really like to do soon.  We would like to do one of our popular open mic events as it means a lot to our audience and the writers out there.  We will of course be involved with the Leigh Folk Festival 2017, we’ll be in a different venue this year which we’re very excited about!  We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for new event ideas, so just keep checking our website / Facebook / Twitter for details.

Thanks again to everyone for your support, especially all those that came along to our A Very Sundown Christmas bash.  We turn 14 this year!!  Let’s keep those Sundown fires burning.  Meanwhile, you should absolutely buy Luke Wright’s new collection of poetry; The Toll which is superb.  This man inspires us with his writing and delivery every single time we see him perform.  He is one of thelukewright2 greats – see him live now on his UK tour!

(here’s a cheeky picture of Luke performing at an old Sundown many moons ago)