Standing alone….

SeanGroth_openmicGreat big thanks are due to all our open-mic readers at our Essex Book Festival gig, you were all brave and brilliant, thank you.  It’s not easy sharing intimate words you’ve written so well done to everyone.  Additional thanks to Ros Green, festival director at the Essex Book Festival for her support and belief in us, we hope we did the festival proud.  Events are still going on right now until the 31st March so do check out the E.B.F website!  A quick thanks to The Railway Hotel venue in Southend too, yes we went head-to-head with a rock band downstairs but it was, er, character building.  We have decided though, in slam poetry style, to include a timer or music when a reader’s onstage allotted time has gone over.  We are hoping it will be both funny and good training (!)

Poetry/spoken word nights aren’t always easy things to attend, believe me I’ve been to a fair few *cough* hundred. It’s the audience that keeps you going and I want to thank ours, what an amazing, supportive turn out we had.  Thank you for contributing towards our wee organisation, it helps to maintain the quality of what we’re doing, it never goes in our pocket, only towards the funds and costs of running decent, live arts events.

Our next open-mic will probably be this Autumn so keep checking our social media and website for details, however our next Sundown with live music, comedy and spoken word will be at Leigh Folk Festival 2016.  More details to come…..x