January Hatchin’

Decorationsrecycling are down, the 10th pink sack has been filled and tied ready for collection on Tuesday, no wait, Wednesday, no wait, Thursday, no, let me google the times again.  I personally struggle a bit with Christmas so am always poised and ready to get the decs down, the cards down, new diary out, and to just get on with it really.  We at Sundown hope you managed to get through Christmas ok?  It’s a tough time of year if you’re coping with bad health, bad finances or bad memories.  All we can do is club together and waddle through.  Here at Sundown we had a great night on the 19th at our Christmas & Birthday Bash, thanks to all who came and supported us and danced!  Special thanks to the artists and people involved behind the scenes.  What a treat to have Nancy Wallace & Kate Waterfield involved!  Dark Globes were on top form – all the performances were brilliant.  DJ ‘BEARDY’ AL played some truly ace tunes and it was one of our best Sundown nights for the memory files.

We’re now straight into January with showers and actual, proper, Winter cold temperatures!  Wow, just when we thought ‘Winter’ was some sort of Spring affair.  The first week back at work (for most of us) is almost over and we’re surrounded by conversations that involve the words; ‘detox’, ‘dry January’ and ‘cutting down’.  We repeatedly write the date wrong.  We’re confused as to why Christmas adverts are still on the tele.  Oh, January.  We sadly lost a much-loved rock’n’roller too, just before the beginning of the year, the legend that is: LEMMY.  I heard Ace of Spades when I was 12 and loved its anarchy, learning more about Lemmy and Motorhead as I grew older.  I loved the documentary film made about him not too long ago showing sides to his character I’d not seen before.  I had plans to go and see Motorhead live but never got round to it.  I regret that now of course.  We won’t forget ye man.

Back to Sundown….as you know, we don’t put on as many events as we used to.  This is down to a few things; it costs to put on regular events with quality artists and proper advertising, this is a voluntary occupation for us that is non-profit so finding the funds for the costs is difficult.  Also we have discovered over our 12 years that audience numbers dwindle with consistent, regular events in comparison to few, selected events throughout the year.  Finding the time is another struggle, we prepare for each event up to 4 or 3 months in advance so the few we do, the more time we have to invest in their quality.  You know us, we would rather make the time to give you quality events.  We also have other creative projects in our lives between us that have long been neglected over the years, so now we try to balance our time between both.  This means we can enjoy Sundown more and sustain the passion we’ve always had for it!

So there you have it.  But we love Sundown, we love our followers and our audiences, we love the people we have met over the years and continue to meet.  It is a huge part of our lives and we are not going to stop – with or without funding!  (Er, so without then)  Our next event will be one of our ‘Open-mic Poetry & Words’ evenings in collaboration with the Essex Book Festival, on Fri 4th March @ The Railway Hotel Pub, Southend from 7:30pm-10:30pm.  £3.00 on the door.  If you’d like to read – anything from a few short poems, or one long poem to a short story, prose, a monologue, part of your novel, anything at all, then please email info@sundownarts.org.gridhosted.co.uk to book your place.  We offer 5-8 minute slots due to the level of demand for these events, we want to make sure everyone gets the chance to read.  There will be an official post for this event coming soon.

Other Sundown events this year = our slot at the Leigh Folk Festival and in its 25th year!!  This is going to be a very exciting and jam-packed weekend.  We would also like to put on an event at The Feminist Library as we didn’t get the chance to last year so we’ll let you know news of this.  That’s all we’ve got planned for now, but we’re always interested in performing at festivals, venues and in partnership with other organisations so you never know.  Keep checking our website and social media for the latest news!!

Thanks for all your support over the years, Sundown turns into a TEENAGER this November so expect a big bash at the end of the year.  But we are in the BEGINNING of 2016 so let’s enjoy that.  May you all have a good year, there may well be bumps in the road so try to think of Sundown as yer old faithful diner to make a pit stop to on the way.  Lots of Sundown love from the Guvnor x