Sundown @ Leigh Folk Festival 2015

I think this must be our 10th year involved with the Leigh Folk Festival, possibly more, I’d have to get my BIG FOLDER OF ARCHIVE RESEARCH out.  It almost rivals Paul Collier’s, almost but not quite.

We love being involved with this festival, it’s the UK’s largest FREE festival and has managed to stay that way since 1992, what an achievement!  Run entirely by volunteers

joan_plays_accordianjust like us, it’s all about community coming together with local artists and artists from all over the UK and world, in fact.  It’s brilliant and amazing and it’ll be here again from Thurs 25th June to Sunday 28th.

Sundown has been at many different venues throughout the festival, we used to close the festival at The Ship pub on the Sunday evening, then when that got too loud and stressful, we moved to the Clarendon Scout Hut which had its charm, but also had its heat and locked windows and lack of plastic seating and heat and weeing in the dark and locked windows and heat.  However, the hut is a fun little place to hang out in at the festival.  We thought this year we would have Sundown on the Saturday night, which yes we know clashes with the headline concert but if you fancy an alternative for free then pop down to:

Elsie’s Place cafe, 27th June, 7.30pm, music from PLANTMAN and KEVIN PEARCE, spoken word from SAMMY CROOKS, comedy & spoken word from SIMON BLACKMAN, with the SUNDOWN POETS hosting.  Our event is also featured as part of this years Southend Festival, do check out their events on Facebook.

We can’t wait to be part of this event, you’ll see us helping out compere across the weekend so come and say hello.  You sSouthendFestival co uk 2011 LOGO FBookhould check out THE DIAMOND FAMILY ARCHIVE, THE BLAZING ZOOS, CUSACK, SXSE oh and so much more.  In fact we’ll probably put up our Sundown recommendations on our Twitter nearer the time so stick around.  Jo from Sundown Arts will be one of the judges at the open-mic this year too.  Lots to see and do!  See ye there!