Word to your mother (‘s day).

olmoThank you to all our writers last night who read and performed, we loved hearing your words.  We wish we could give more time to everyone but we try to make sure that everyone has a chance on the floor.  Special thanks to Daryl Easlea, we look forward to hearing more!  Pictures coming soon on Facebook….. 

Additional thanks to Elsie’s Place cafe, Elsie’s staff and the Sundown team (Troop included).  Your £3 shall go towards us trying to maintain what we have here at Sundown Arts, so costs such as promotional, advertising, artists donation, materials, all the things that go towards that well oiled cog in the wheel of Sundown.  We have no funding so we’re back to doing what we’ve always done which is trying our best to keep what we do going.  YOU help us do that and support us all the way and for that we are always truly grateful and thankful.

Keep writing, keep sharing.  We’ll see you on the 12th April or if you can’t make that, 27th June @ Elsie’s Place for our Leigh Folk Festival event in the evening.  So far we have music from The Lovely Eggs and Kevin Pearce.

See you all soon but in the meantime, have you got your tickets for Middle Age Spread yet on 5th April? http://www.thespread.uk.com/