Superb lady line-up in London for OCT 18TH!

We wanted to celebrate some funny, unique and talented women that we kLadies Please flyernow.  So we’re putting on an event called ‘Ladies, please’ at the Feminist Library, 5 Westminster Bridge Rd, London, SE7 7XW on Sat, OCT 18TH.  Doors at 7.30pm, entry only £6, money spent goes towards Sundown surviving, a non-profit arts organisation run by volunteers with support using public funding from the National Lottery and Arts Council England for this particular event.

Who do we have?  Well, there’s the sit-down poet, comedienne, one-off performer that is Liz Bentley, entertaining audiences with her stories via casio keyboard and ukelele.  Liz is a Sundown favourite and originally hails from Essex, ‘ave it!  Also performing is Rita Grebe, a character piece which recently won rave reviews at Edinburgh, The Guardian called her ‘deliciously dark’.  All we’ll say is bring your bird watching knowledge and be prepared for a bit of audience participation.  Finally, we have the comedian, writer and presenter; Bec Hill.  Bec is one of Time Out’s ‘top ten funniest comedians on Twitter’, has received 5-star reviews in Edinburgh, is the host of regularly sold-out pun-based comedy night ‘Pun Run’, what more information do you need??

Payment will be made on the door, no tickets as such, just turn up on time and we’ll get you seated.  Refreshments will be available, there’ll also be a break so you can mingle and stretch yer legs a bit, and we may even have some FREE things like our FREE 2ND HAND BOOKS and STICKERS.  Bring along an unwanted 2nd-hand book and swap it with one of our free ones, a free book swap, a SWOOK we’ll call it!

If you want to find out more, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, same goes for the Feminist Library, this lovely bunch are very kindly letting us use their fabulous venue and they organise some great events and things, please go and support them now.  Hover over these babies…, @sundownarts, @feministlibrary,

Our ace little flyer was designed by Tom Clare (no to be confused with poet Tim), lovely to work with, check out his portfolio here…  So thank-you Arts Council England and National Lottery, thank-you Feminist Library, we look forward to seeing you all there to come and have a laugh with us!  (**Men are totally welcome in case that wasn’t clear**)