Would you…..?

…be at all interested in a workshop tailored to tips & strategies in marketing your business idea, your writing, artist profile, freelance work?  Between us at Sundown Arts, we have almost 20 years experience in marketing, copywriting, SEO, social media, branding and events management in both corporate and arts industries.  The latter has involvetypewriterd over 10 years of dealing with agents, artists, designers, printing, local press, working in partnership with arts organisations – both local and national, and more.

We believe in using what we’ve learned to help others and through doing this, we are learning new things and developing new skills ourselves.  After leading successful educational workshops in creative writing, poetry and performance poetry, Sundown Arts decided to move into tailoring workshops to suit those who could do with some extra tips & help with how to market & promote themselves better.  Also, within social media, how to use the tools in Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to your advantage?  Perhaps you’re not very confident with social media and would benefit from being shown a thing or two.

We’re trying to find out whether a day workshop, at an affordable price with free food & refreshments, would be something you might be interested in?  Be you a start-up business, a freelancer, a writer, performer, gig organiser, would you find a day like this helpful to you?  And if so, what sort of things would you like help/guidance with?

If you wouldn’t mind letting us know so that we can go ahead and start planning this workshop for you, we’d be most grateful.  We want you to get the best out of it and make sure we do everything we can to help.  We’re thinking of a date in May for the workshop, on a Saturday, and the venue would be the Leigh Community Centre, Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 1SP

So, would you…?  Email us & let us know – info@sundownarts.org.gridhosted.co.uk