Thank-you writers,

Just a big thanks to all the writers who came and performed at our open-mic night this week, we loved hearing your material, it was great.  It’s all about sharing, being brave, listening to others, being supportive and we loved every minute.  We’ll probably do another open-mic night towards the summer so watch this space, keep checking our website, Twitter and Facebook for updates.

We look forward to seeing you at more of our events soon.

We’re going to be running a workshop in help & advice in social media, marketing etc either for yourself as a writer and/or in running events, small organisations.  We’d like to know if this is something you’d be interested in?  We’ll put on free food & refreshments and it would run from 11am til around 4pm.  We’d only charge an affordable price such as £15 for the day.  Please email us if you’d be interested, we’re thinking of putting this on sometime in April or May.

Thanks, Sundown x