Limited tickets for Midwinter Folk!

Our last Sundown Arts gig of 2013 will be Midwinter Folk, an event in collaboration with Stone Tape Recordings & Leigh Folk Festival.  An all-day festival of poetry & folk music to celebrate the winter solstice and to raise money for Leigh Folk Festival 2014, an amazing FREE festival run by volunteers relying on public donations.  A festival for the people, run by the people.

Tickets have sold fast and there are literally only a handful left so book now or take your chance on the day, but you have been warned!

Sundown will be giving away free 2nd-hand books, bring along your own unwanted books and swap with ours in what we like to call a ‘swook’.  We also have free stickers!  There will be a Sundown gift shop where you can buy exclusive framed poetry & photography, a canvas tote bag, poems by Stuart Bowditch (local poet, sound artist, DJ) and more.

We’ve got a selection of local poets and featured poet – Mr Dudley Sutton, he of treasured British television.  There will be music from MG Boulter, The Diamond Family Archive, Chris Davison, Nancy Wallace & much, much more.  Refreshments & snacks available, local pubs literally on the doorstep to choose from.

We can’t wait to see ye there!