Just Lego, Jo.

We’d promoted on Facebook, Twitter & our website.  We had a little feature in the local newspaper.  We talked about it on local radio, BBC Essex.  We put posters up around Southend and Leigh.  Up to 30 people said they were definitely coming on Facebook, no ‘maybe’ or ‘not going’, but ‘GOING’.  People commented on what a good idea it was and how much they were looking forward to it.  We were worried we wouldn’t have enough lego.

But last night, at our Lego Robots event @ The Alex in Southend, we only had around 6 paying people who turned up.  What had we done wrong?  Do people in Southend not want lego, competitions, brilliant live music, free books, spoken word?  Over the years people try to tell you it’s because “it’s a Sunday” or “it’s cold out” or “X Factor results innit?” or “week before pay-day” or “it’s nearly Christmas”.  We’ve heard all the excuses but the truth is, after 10 years of well attended gigs and badly attended gigs, it all comes down to whether people can be bothered or not really.  If we’d put this on in Brighton, London or Edinburgh we’d have stood a better chance maybe.  Those creative cities are there because people move to them for that reason, for the creativity and culture, for the events and nightlife.  Southend has always been a tough place to market arts events to.  But we do, because we love it, and we know there’s people out there that love it too!  There are interesting, creative, artistic, fun people living in Southend – we know there are – but do they attend events regularly?

And where were you last night man?

We had a bloody good night anyway – lovely company in the crowd, superb performances from Tom McConnell, Glass Brides & Chip Shop Boys.  Even the Sundown Poets had some fun.  The lego building was popular and we’d definitely do this again in 2014.  So thanks to the audience that was there and were supportive.  It’s hard putting so much effort into something and not getting back the rewards you had hoped.  We’ll have another Lego Robots in 2014 sometime and see what happens.  Otherwise, we might have to take it to one of those other cities.

Oh Southend, we could have had some fun with you last night.  You missed out!  Photos coming soon on Facebook….