Joy to the world…

013Midwinter Folk was an utter joy and total blast to be involved with.  The New Road Methodist Church was a cool venue to host a day of folk music and poetry.  This has been one of our favourite events of the year, highlights being: The Diamond Family Archive, Church Parish Music, Dudley Sutton’s filth, the moussaka disaster at the Collier’s, Gemma Khawaja’s late night tales, faux denistry, Bill Pardon wearing an owl hat, our beaming pride at our workshop poets & PWG poets,  there’s so much more to include.  All of it was fantastic.

Thanks must go to the rest of the team involved on putting this on – Steven Collins of Stone Tape Recordings, Leigh Folk Festival Music Director – Paul Collier, Leigh Folk Festival volunteers such as Mike Bromfield, Squeezebox’s Adam Rees (it’s a tough job being sound tech to demanding artists!), Chris Davison for use of PA and drop off even though he was deep in food poisoning, all the staff at the New Road Methodist Church for your constant support and enthusiasm, volunteers at the Fisherman’s Chapel Cafe, Cherry Scott, all our poets and artists performing for their time and/or travel expenses only, the lady who bought a framed poem from the Sundown gift shop, the Collier’s for hosting and being lovely, Gemma K for the cake, friends & family for the support.

Without you and without the audience, we couldn’t go on, the Leigh Folk Festival relies on YOU and we are grateful that you are generous enough and supportive enough to keep it going.  Sundown loves working with L.F.F and Stone Tape and will always be part of any of their projects, as long as they still want us!  We had a lovely day, superb way to end the year.  Thanks Steven for the light bulb flicker on this one.  We look forward to more folk festival happenings in 2014!  Can’t wait!  Thank you everyone, another gorgeous memory to post in our brains x