End of the road.

So we’ve come to the end of the road.  I just quoted Boyz II Men, sorry about that.  It’s taken me a week to write this because following our last gig of the tour, we went and had an aftershow party down in the Sundown cave til 4am, then I woke up with the flu!  I’m crawling out of my duvet now, unpicking the lemons and honey from my body, mopping the Viks neck sweat away to finally put thought to laptop for you.

Our Stowmarket gig was short Rainbow on touron people in the audience but we absolutely loved the gig anyway.  The audience that were there were attentive and generous, the staff were lovely and supportive, the venue was gorgeous and the performances rocked.  It felt odd to be doing one last gig on the tour after having such a large gap inbetween, your mind thinks you’ve finished.  But I wanted us to play the John Peel Centre so much that I took any date that was going.  Where was the rest of Stowmarket that night man?  I’d like to know.  Probably watching Strictly or that X one.  You realise when you produce live events, normally at weekends, this is what you end up competing with in this day and age!  Bring back the live music circuit please, we really need you, especially now.

We’ve loved doing this tour, it felt right to celebrate being 10 in such a big way, we feel blessed to have been supported using public funding from the National Lottery and Arts Council England.  Their belief in us and their support made this tour happen, couldn’t have done it without them.  We chose artists and people that we believe in, people that we’ve known for a long time, it felt good to take them with us and say “Look!  Aint they great?? Look!”  We learned some lessons along the way, we always do.  Things we’d do slightly differently, things that worked, things that didn’t work.  But that’s part of the creative process, you’re always learning and you take what you’ve learned and you use it.  Anyone that thinks they are beyond learning, is always wrong.  It’s been a hard year and being involved with this tour has been a real achievement,

We just want to thank all the staff at each venue that has helped and supported us, all the artists – we love you, my Sundown team for keeping the faith, the Leigh car wash place for cleaning Chris Davison’s car, the audience for coming and supporting us especially those that took photos and came to more than one gig, to family & friends for listening to us bore on about ‘the tour’.  Thank-you, happy 10!