Pete Streets.

Oh, Peterborough, the streets of Pete’Jo Overfield_Peterborough002, what a welcoming place you are!  Our penultimate Arts On The Road event took place at Chauffeur’s Cottage, Peterborough, the HQ of Metal Peterborough. We had a great crowd, we knew they were a great crowd from the minute we walked onstage, you could feel it.  Superb staff, especially Ruth at Metal, what a supportive, helpful broad – true pro!  Thanks also to Mark and rest of the staff at Metal Peterborough, including Southend Metal staff such as Sean Mcloughlin.  All the artists gave it everything and it showed onstage, the crowd loved ’em.  This was the last time we shared the stage with Donna Maciocia and Gideon Conn and boy we’ll miss them!  They have been truly fantastic on each of our tour dates, they’ve really been the cherry on the top for our tour, so very sad that we won’t get to finish the tour with them, but you can still catch them on their Highlights & Perceptions tour continuing in Scotland.

Sundown Arts, Ed Rome, Bella & drummer Dan went onto a night out in Peterborough, we were booked in at the nearby Travelodge so we owed it to Peterborough to paint the town.  Led by Peterborough’s lyrical MC Mixy, we went to North St for a dance – never seen Ed Rome move like that!  Could have been down to the trays of shots….got back to the Travelodge at 3am, where the corridoors were kept up all night with ‘the youth’ banging on doors.  Interesting night!

We loved Peterborough though, thank-you for coming along and supporting what we do and helping to make it a special night.  Additional thanks to Martin Gallagher for the photos, Chris Davison for a brilliant job coping with the sound challenges and Mixy for the support.  We’ll definitely come back next year for another Peterborough jaunt.