Lego Robots

Inspired by the Lego Robots events at cool London venue Drink, Shop & Do, Sundown is putting on its own Lego Robots event but combining this with spoken word & music.  It’s all in aid to raise funds for Sundown Arts to help them keep running in 2014.  What’s the rules of Lego Robots?

Well, whatever you create must have at least two limbs.

Your robot must be given a name and a special ability.

Teams no bigger than 5 people

Don’t use your robot to fight crime.

Don’t steal the Lego.

Robots will be judged just before the end of the evening, winner gets a prize.

What else will be happening at this event?

Spoken word from the Sundown Poets.  Music from Glass Brides, Chip Shop Boys and Tom McConnell.  Special robot/futuristic playlist music for robot building time.

@ The Alex, Alexandra St, Southend, 7.30 – 11pm, £3 entry, prizes to be won, free 2nd-hand books, stickers!

This will be bloody fun. Be there.