Addicted to Gideon.

As mentioned, our last event with Donna Maciocia & Gideon Conn took place last weekend in Peterborough, we are going to miss them greatly.  To make it up to you, Gideon has kindly let you have a track off the Highlights & Perceptions EP to listen to, here, for free.  It’s called Jacqui’s Theme and it’s a little gem, especially performed live so make sure you check out the rest of their tour up in Scotland.

To get your copy of this beautiful piece of vinyl, click this link sexy vinyl please 

Gorgeous songs, ace people, Donna & Gideon are what excite me about music and undiscovered talent.  They will be the ones on Jools Holland one day where you go “Who the **** were they??  They were amazing!”

So, get yourself acquainted with them and enjoy a little bit of Gideon….