“Smell my cheese, you mother!”

Yes, Alan PartAlanridge quotes a-plenty on the way to Norwich thanks to Sundown sound man and Ed Rome’s bassist, Chris Davison.  We weren’t sure how many people we’d get along to this one but thanks to David Whiteley at BBC Norfolk, Norwich friends, Twitter pals, the papers and the arts centre itself, we had a nice, modest but very good crowd.  We love playing this venue, great staff, great people behind it, and it’s always a top audience.  So thanks so much if you came down to check us out, we’ll be back soon (like Button Moon).

All our artists gave such strong performances again, we feel so proud of each one.  Our journey home was mental: wind! Rain!  Stopping to pee in a Travelodge staff toilet!  Asking a petrol station cashier to choose me a veggie sandwich!  Tyre checks!  Snoring poet!  Janice Long keeping us awake!  This must be what touring is like on a low budget then?

So thanks Norwich, we had a blast.  On to Peterborough…..x