M.G Boulter speaks..

M G Boulter is a singer/songwriter and musician who currently lives on the outer reaches of the Thames coast in England.  He is also the lead singer and guitarist with Southend folk-rockers, The Lucky Strikes.  M G’s first collection of songs was released in 2008 under the moniker, Blue Vinyl Island and featured a myriad of musicians known as The Secret Six. The follow up, The Whispering Pines, was released by Stovepony Records in 2012 and continued the exploration of lo-fi roots recordings that was started in Blue Vinyl Island. In July 2013,     M G’s third solo album, The Water or the Wave, was released by Harbour Song Records. M G recruited various friends and colleagues for the album sessions, including Lucky Strikes compatriot Paul Ambrose, Bryony Afferson and Lizzy O’Connor from London folk and bluegrass band Troubadour Rose and, by no means least, legendary Dire Straits and Bob Dylan drummer Pick Withers. This eclectic cast helped Matthew create a work of considerable warmth and subtlety.

“Gorgeous, in a word”Uncut

As a player of an array of stringed instruM.G Boulterments, M G Boulter has also worked alongside many other artists including Conor Oberst, Neil McSweeney, Duke and the King and Rosalie Deighton, while remaining a long standing member of the Simone Felice Group.  M G Boulter is a loyal supporter of Sundown having played many gigs for them now, Sundown loves Boulter’s Americana vocals and the depths of his songwriting.  We believe he is destined for great things, not least because he is so easy and professional to work with.  We managed to catch up with Boulter just days before the Colchester leg of the tour…

“It’s a real honour to be asked to play Sundown’s tour of East Anglia. We are going to some really great towns and cities and I’ll also be able to share a stage with some great acts, including fellow songwriter Ed Rome, poet/comedian Simon Blackman and the Old Trunk Theatre Company. I feel a lucky man to live in a town that has so many great artists.  I am in the middle of a solo tour at the moment so I plan to perform a lot of songs that I am playing at those shows but I am tempted to throw in a few new ones just to see how they fit. I also feel that I should be representing Southend-on-Sea and I may give each performance a particular local feel and sing my home songs.
 I am looking forward to playing all the venues but I can’t wait to return to Norwich Arts Centre, as I have happy memories of playing there last year. Colchester Arts Centre will also be ace as I have seen so many great musicians there and want to play it myself.”

www.mgboulter.co.uk for more details and where else to see M G live!