One hell of a birth!

Jo & JennyThe alarm went off at 7am, the night before we were pinning up photos to our ‘Sundown timeline’ and blowing up balloons in the community centre, then it was suddenly 7.30am and I was buttering rolls, I’d promised rolls and Sundown never backs down on a promise.  To put on an all-day event is an exhausting process but it was all worth it.  During the day we’d organised entertainment especially for families and children to enjoy.  Now ok, it wasn’t as well attended as we’d hoped but everyone that did come along was very supportive and attentive, so thank-you to all those people and we hope you enjoyed it.  Our artists were fantastic so huge thanks to Robert Lloyd Jones, Gary Northfield, Mike Dodsworth, Grand Reunion, 4 & 20 Blackbirds, James Campbell, Graham Boosey, Amanda Restell Dance Academy, Justin Coe, kids open mic performers.  The day wouldn’t have been complete without Poco Gelato and Jacqson Diego Story Emporium.  You both made our event really unique and special so thank-you.  All the staff at Cafe Valise worked so hard all day and made everything lovely.

Onto the evening then, where the audience picked up and it started to feel just like one of our regular Sundown’s.  Maybe we’re just like vampires by nature and our coffin doors are really kicked aside when the sun – goes – down, oh yeah.  The two rooms seemed to work and the artists involved were all interesting, inspiring and gave their all.  Thanks to Troop, Ed Rome & band, The Lucky Strikes, Old Trunk & players, Dean Chalkey & Si Cheeba DJs, Cherry Scott, Simon Blackman, Will Birch, Zoe Howe and Jenny Eclair.  Phenomenal performances.  We’ll def have more Q&A events as they’ve proved very popular among our audiences.  The staff at the Leigh Community Centre have been amazing, including the bar staff employed that evening for our event, it’s such a great place for the community, please do continue to support it and visit the Cafe during the day.  We couldn’t have put on this all-day event without the support from our volunteers/good friends such as Anna Sheldrake, Luke Chilvers, Roots, Jo Fisher and Steven Collings.  Same genuine, hearty thanks goes to the Sundown team for bothering to put such an event on for the local community – Chris Davison, Ray Morgan, Jo Overfield, Christian Lowes – you are hardworking and dedicated, thanks to you all.

Of course, what would we be without our audience?  And the support we get from family, friends and the public?  Well, we wouldn’t be anyone.  Thank YOU for coming along on Saturday to support us and what we do.  We try our best to put on interesting, unique events with both local artists and artists that you might only see at a larger venue somewhere else with higher ticket prices!  We try to bring you affordable arts, in your local area, and I hope we do you proud.  It’s been a very mammoth 10 years and it is hard work, but it’s worth it to see you all dancing and having a good time like you were at the weekend.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the use of public funding from the National Arts Council England so thank-you, however we still have to raise our own funding so onwards we go onto our next events – our Producers Workshop, Kids Halloween Storytelling Workshop, Arts On The Road Essex & East Anglia tour, Performance Poetry Workshop, Shorelines Festival appearance, Midwinter Folk, Not Very Ladylike show at Colchester Arts Centre…is there more??….yes!  A fundraising event just before Christmas that involves LEGO!  Cripes.  That’s a bloody lot.  Thanks for a super birthday you lot.