Nice day in the Village.

So here we are again, another post-Village Green feeling, we all spend so much time planning, organising, meeting, that we never actually think it will get here and then BOOM it does, and you find yourself sweating in a hot tent again, worrying about whether your artists have turned up, downing cold bottles of water – and it’s like last year never left!

Sundown had another amazing time in our tent again, every single artist was flawless and drew in a great crowd – especially Beans On Toast who went down a storm and we loved it – even if I did have to go round the tent telling several people to stop smoking.  Yes – please stop smoking – you’re in a tent which is highly flammable and you’re also standing next to a straw-bale!!  Oh, people.  Sundown would like to thank all of its artists for the day: Sonny Green, MC Angel, Fashoda Crisis, Stuart O’Connor, Jason Steel, Rita Grebe, Tom Goodliffe, Storytellers’ Club, Beans On Toast, Neil Denny’s Little Atoms with Steve Colgan, Helen Arney, Rob Wells, James Yorkston. What a fantastic line-up and we hope our audience agreed!  We had a brilliant, attentive audience all day.  Am touched and honoured that James Yorkston, in particular, made the effort to travel from Scotland to play our humble tent!  He’s utterley brilliant and a top bloke so we look forward to having him back sometime.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this again without being supported using public funding by the National Lottery and Arts Council England.  We also must thank the constant support from Metal – the people who bring you this amazing free festival every year.  It’s easy to assume that this free festival in the park just, er, happens but it doesn’t – it takes a year of planning, meetings, total hard work and passion to put this thing together and they’re only a small team, so we really do have to thank them.  Long may it continue!  If you go to their website you can find out how you, the public, can actually help this festival to maintain being free.  Sundown had a team of volunteers helping us which made all the difference, your time, hard work and support meant so much so thank-you to Greg Kitten, Roots, Cherry Scott, Simon Gentry and Metal volunteers such as Izzy & Jo.  Special thanks to Sean & Jo – how do you do it!!

Heartfelt thanks to my assistant and partner in crime, Ray Morgan, and our right-hand sound man and good friend, Troop, you are superb at what you do.  Putting on events is all done, mainly, for the audience – for you who turn up and support what we do and we would be nothing without you.  All art, though maybe not always intended for an audience, I do believe that without one – where does it go?  Where would the reaction be?  What would we talk about?  So Sundown always owes much of its thanks to you, the audience, the people.  Sundown and indeed, Village Green, needs you so thank you for turning up.  Friends and family too, thank-you for braving the heat for us.

Our next event is an all-dayer at Leigh Community Centre on Sat, Sept 21st and we have got loads for you – info on tickets coming this week so stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and website….thanks Sundowners…til we meet again….x